STILL REELING (Dir-Angie De Chastelai Smith) C4 Blap, Lucky Giant
PUPPY LOVE (Dir-SueTulley) BBC/WOOF Prods
GETTING ON (Dir-Sue Tulley/Peter Capaldi) BBC/VERA Prods BAFTA
BREMNER BIRD AND FORTUNE (Dir-Steve Connelly) Inserts numerous series/episodes.   Vera/ Ch4


CARNAGE - A Simon Amstell film                                                                                                   RACING LEGENDS - Series One - (Konrad Begg) BBC
THE ITALIAN REVOLUTION (Dir-Steve Cole) C4/Atomized
RIVER COTTAGE “Fruit” (Dir-Steve Cole) Inserts Keo West
PETROL AGE (Dir-Chris Hale) Bigger Picture/Sky Atlantic
TOP GEAR Various Directors, 2002-Present Multi Award Winning
RUSH (Dir Ron Howard) Car sequences.



TOYOTA YARIS GARMIN (Konrad Begg) We Are Social                                                                 ASTON MARTIN (Dir-Richard Healey) Welcome to St Athan                                                          FORD (Dir-James Bryce) Ridley Scott Associates
LEASEPLAN (Mark McQueen) Radley Yeldar
MCLAREN P1 (Self Directing) VCCP
MICROSOFT BING (Jay Pond Jones) Colour TV
AUDI (Dir-James Bryce) Ridley Scott Associates
HYUNDAI (Dir-Phil Churchward) Rogue
WAITROSE (Dir-Graham Sherrington) P for Production
LAND ROVER (Dir-Chris Hook) Cricket
MITSUBISHI (Dir-David Kerr)
SHELTER (Dir-Armandi Iannucci) Moon Films
SONY (Dir-Mike Stephenson) Moon Films
NISSAN (Dir-James Bryce) Ridley Scot Associates
ASTON MARTIN Ambrook Films

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